22 April 2016

Book Sale Feast for Anglophones in Geneva

Today is the first of three days of book-buying joy at the twice-annual book sale by the Library in English in Geneva. The books range from CHF 2 to 6 francs. You'll find fiction, history, biography, cooking, humor, journalism, travel narratives -- and tea and pastries at the bookside café where you can start tasting your new books.

I scored five promising novels for 20 francs. The one on bottom you can't see: Playback, a classic by Raymond Chandler.

The sale continues through Sunday, with new books being put out continually. The Library in English is a private library on rue de Monthoux near the lake in the Paquis quarter. The library smells exactly how book lovers would hope. Memberships are being offered during the book sale for a 50% discount.

If you're in Geneva and you like to read, you'll love that you went. The next sale: Nov. 4 - 6. 

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