15 July 2015

Smurf Enclave in Geneva

The weirdest apartment buildings in Geneva and beyond are called the “Schtroumpf,” buildings.

The word was made up in a moment of frustration by Peyo, the Belgian creator of those little blue beings whom English speakers know as the Smurfs. When he couldn’t think of the French word for “salt,” he uttered "schtroumpf," according to Wikipedia. (The spelling was probably figured out later.) The word “Smurfs” is the Dutch translation of “Schtroumpf” – so a faux trilingual made-up word from a made-up word. 

Can you believe the architects were Swiss? Le Corbusier is rolling in his grave. More info and photos about the Schtroumpf Buildings are here in my latest for Newly Swissed. 

And voilà, some additional photos. Imagine living in a place like this ...

02 July 2015

Stan is Most Definitely the Man

Stan the man is proving himself just that, whether wearing Wimbledon white questionable shorts or something less.

14 June 2015

Slippery in Geneva

The latest from Marie-France and me for Newly Swissed -- another brutal report from the trenches.

01 June 2015

Caught in the Rye

We know summer has truly arrived in Serroue above Neuchâtel when the rye sprouts its spikey coiffure.

30 May 2015

Swiss Burger

Of course I had to try a mini-burger made with pure Swiss beef and Gruyere cheese at the Food Truck Festival in Lausanne.

17 May 2015

Like the Perfume of Your Lover's Neck

Among the first signs of spring turning to summer in Canton Neuchâtel are the fields of colza blossoms covering the countryside. As you cruise along the country lanes, the floral aroma is subtle and slightly sweet, like the natural perfume of your lover's neck. The seeds of this plant make colza oil, which is very healthy and a good frying oil thanks to its high smoke point. Unfortunately, it tastes rather blah. But who cares? It’s beautiful when it blossoms!

10 May 2015

Neuchâtel Flood

OK, not really much of an actual flood, but the lake was a good 1.5 meters above normal the last few days. That put our Saturday lunch restaurant's terrace ankle deep in water. The swans took that for an invitation, but they had neglected to make reservations.