19 February 2017

Romantic Swiss Getaways for Spring

Here in Switzerland, we're feeling it already, the soft white goodbye of winter, the warming sun, the loamy aroma of spring, with all our blossoms about to burst and our juices flowing for romantic Swiss getaways.

07 December 2016

Zürich Honors Headless Bro and Sis

Do you think brother and sister Felix and Regula thought it was worth it to lose their heads to become the patron saints of Zürich? Not to mention their loyal-to-a-fault servant, Exuperantius, who also got relieved of his head, but received no sainthood.

02 December 2016

Weaponized Soup Soon to Defeat Savoyard Raiders (Again) at Geneva City Walls

'Twas a cold December night in 1602 when a woman carrying a cauldron of dangerously steaming soup spied Savoyard soldiers attempting to storm the city walls. The rest is scalding history and legend, and is the reason for Geneva's proudest, most colorful annual festival, coming up Dec. 9th.

20 November 2016

New Fave Burger Joint

Today in Pâquis, Geneva's intriguing neighborhood full of immigrants and Swiss who run cafés, restaurants, and other, ahem, businesses, I had the luck of the flâneur. Flâneurs are people who simply wander to see what they may discover. Today this flâneur found The Hamburger Foundation, his new fave burger joint.

The menu consists of exactly three items:
Bacon cheeseburger
(CHF 19, 20, 21)

Vegetarians can order from the menu in some other resto.

Each delicious juicy burger (all Swiss meat, cooked medium pink unless otherwise ordered) comes with a green salad, frites and coleslaw. Squirt bottles of ketchup, mayo and American-style mustard are on the table.

Wines are listed under three non-snob categories, one red and one white in each:
Cheap CHF 5
Good CHF 7
Great CHF 8

There are two beers too. And yet, when it comes to spirits, choices suddenly blossom. (That's another story.)

Plus, there's, believe it or not, an oyster bar in the back. (Also another story.)

The Hamburger Foundation started with a pop-up truck, then came the Pâquis restaurant a couple years ago, and now a second truck, and soon two more locations in Geneva. This fun, friendly place is owned by three guys who've been friends since high school in Geneva. They have roots in New York, France and the U.K. They always said that one day they'd open a business together. I'm glad they did. 

08 November 2016

Charlie Chaplin is Alive and Still Funny in Vevey, Switzerland

Charlie Chaplin, one of the immortals of cinema tragi-comedy, now has his own museum in Vevey, Switzerland, just outside of Montreux. You can get a little glimpse here at my latest story for Le News, Chaplin's World

And a few more photos:

18 October 2016

Frankenstein's Monster's First Murder in Geneva

We've always felt sorry for Dr. Frankenstein's creature, haven't we? Like all of us, he didn't ask to be born -- nor to become an early empathetic anti-hero. Why did he kill? Will he ever find his bride? His soul? What will he do if he ever finds Dr. Frankenstein again? His questions still walk the earth, as does he to this day in Geneva.

11 October 2016

Only One Day in Geneva? Seriously?

No worries. You can see a lot even if you only have one day in Geneva. Here's my story in Le News. Plus three more pix from last autumn at beautiful Parc des Bastions.

Parc des Bastions
Giant chess at Parc des Bastions
The Protestant Reformation's Founding Fathers still thinking about things at Parc des Bastions