15 April 2015

The Coveted C

So after 5 years living here in Switzerland, I have gained my Permit C.

"What does this really mean to you?" asked my Swiss wife. After all, in most ways very little will change.

Still, the Permit C means I won't have to re-apply every year to stay in Switzerland, as I did with my Permit B. Now I'm good for 5 years and probably forever assuming I don't murder anyone or get caught eating fondue in the summertime.

It also means I can now vote in local and cantonal elections. I'm excited about this responsibility, which will be doubly interesting as the U.S. presidential election spectacle is gearing up. You can't imagine two more different methods of electing politicians. I'll laugh, I'll cry.

But none of this explains what the Permit C really means to me. What it means is that I somehow feel a tighter hug on the life Marie-France and I have in Switzerland, this place we both love.

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