14 March 2010

There, But Not There

Switzerland is just over the horizon. Or a few horizons, I guess, because I'm peering around the globe from on top of a Hawaiian volcano, where I've lived for the last 7 years. I can almost see CH -- the top of the church steeples, and even those few minarets that got built before the ridiculous ban. In just another week I'll be there. Finally. A year after I proposed to my sweet Swiss Miss, 6 months after our marriage, 34 years after we first met in her hometown of Neuchatel -- where we now will live.

So the adventure begins for real: Marriage! Life in Switzerland! If you'd care to read and see some of our adventures in Switzerland and beyond, you are warmly invited. I'm a freelance travel writer and photographer, so we'll be doing lots of exploring. Odd things, funny things, tend to happen to me -- or maybe I happen to them? Whatever. Come along!

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