09 August 2015

The Greek Gods Reborn in Neuchâtel

Yes, the ancient Greek Gods are currently hanging out by the lake in Neuchâtel. Last night we saw the whole gang giving birth to themselves at a dazzling outdoor theatre performance under a suitably threatening sky.

Gusts of warm humid breeze wafted in from the lake, which seemed like an amniotic background for "Theogony, the Birth of the Ancient Gods," the comic story (in French) of how the Greek pantheon of deities came into being. And when bolts of lightning -- real lightning -- flashed across the heavens right on cue, it was easy to suspend our disbelief as five superb actors on a bare stage brought to life hundreds of gods.

For more about how a Neuchâtel actor and professor of ancient Greek language and literature created the play from an 8th-century BCE Greek text, there's my story for Newly Swissed, Birthing the Greek Gods in Neuchâtel.

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