26 August 2015

Swiss Trains Become a Creative Canvas, Like It or Not

I guess it’s the old argument between artistic license and conventional wisdom. 

A few days ago I saw a train pulling into the Neuchâtel station with two cars covered in graffiti. Highly unusual for Switzerland, where the whole cleanliness thing and respect for other people’s property is generally sacrosanct. 

The design and execution of the graffiti were sometimes exciting, sometimes annoying.

 The spray painters painted right over the windows with no regard for anyone inside who prefers to watch the passing Swiss countryside rather than the backside of the artists' aerosol expressions. Maybe that was the point. “WAKE UP!” they perhaps intended to urge us. “Unglue your eyes from the same old bucolic Swiss scenery!" they perhaps wished to shout in their fuck-you aesthetic manifesto. 

What do you think? Shall we applaud these renegade artists, or sentence them to Sysiphean scrubbing?

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