30 August 2015

Rega Comes to the Picnic

Switzerland's beautiful countryside seems like a serene dream of peace and quiet until you trip over a cow patty or glacier, then fall down and fracture your self-esteem or more important body parts. That's when the vaunted Rega Swiss national rescue chopper descends from the heavens and sweeps you to safety.

Or the morgue -- they're medics, not magicians.

On Saturday, picnicking above the cliffs of Creux du Van in Canton Neuchâtel, my beautiful hiking companion and I were lucky enough to witness these angels of mercy rescue a hapless young American woman. Rega plucked her from the woods with a medic dangling expertly at the end of a cable on a winch. He stabilized the woman's apparently broken arm, protecting her from a certain dearth of postable vacation experiences.

My beautiful hiking companion remarked that it seems a requirement to join Rega is that you be a really hot-looking guy. She said she was looking forward to the first annual Rega Rescue Calendar.

They've certainly got the gear.

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