28 July 2016

Alps Art Expedition Goes Above and Beyond

Pantelis Makkas needed a location to shoot a video art project. "I want to rewrite that Aesop fable, the story of the battle between the Sun and the wind. This time, the wind will win."

Pantelis, iconoclast to the last.

He is one of 15 international artists who've been invited by an avant-garde Greek fashion designer to contribute a video to be shown at the debut of her weird new tunic. 

I suggested to Pantelis he shoot somewhere in the Alps above Gstaad, because it wasn't far from us in Geneva, and because, yeah, it looked perfect. 

We hoped and found above Rougement.

Afterwards, we returned below by cable car to the village of Rougement. 

It's a place to see and be seen. 

Come and see for yourself. Pantelis says he's going back

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