30 November 2010

The White Stuff

White Magic has put a spell over this Hawai'i boy.

The giant flakes began to fall a few nights ago, diamond lace mandalas saucering down in the still moonlight -- our first big snowfall of the winter -- and by the next morning the world was transformed, tabula blanca already inscribed.

I remember this early-winter euphoria from years ago when I lived in Chicago, Illinois and Akron, Ohio. It's that magical time of the season when you're not yet obsessed with jumping in the car and escaping south until you don't see anymore snow tires.

So let's enjoy it.


  1. Love the photo of Loki experiencing the snow!!

  2. Monsieur Loki le Magnifique still has some major attitude adjustment to do when it comes to the snow. At least he's willing to actually touch it now.

  3. Ah, the Hawaii boy enamored of snow. Wait til February.

  4. Lovely photos, Bill. How did Loki take to moving at all? especially from Hawaii?

  5. Hi Candy. Loki loves his new home in farmland, especially because all the mice here are very slow. But he is no fan of snow. It's hilarious to see him shake his paws after each step, trying to clean off the white stuff.