10 December 2010

Paris Passages

Ah, Paris in winter. Like a gargoyle perched on Notre Dame, it is both intriguing and scary, magnetic and repulsive. The city will probably be cold and grey and rainy. If you're lucky it snows. But it is Paris, so fuck the weather. When it's miserable outside it just means you get to duck into corner cafés more often for an expresse or Armagnac.

Marie-France and I were in town for a long weekend recently to see friends and research a story. It snowed. It rained. It was freakin' cold. We didn't care. Because we spent our time in some nice bistros, including a great lunch with our sweet sister, Sophie, who got special service from our smitten waiter (and his phone number -- but don't tell him that she later blew her nose with that napkin).

Most of our time we spent in several of the city's beautiful, historic passages couverts, the covered passages where you can get in from the weather and go out of your mind strolling past all the wonderful stuff to buy.


Marie-France and Sophie and all of us strolling past the many boutiques, galleries, antique bookshops, cafés and shops selling all manner of strange stuff felt like we were in Santa's workshop.

Don't you think these gorgeous, intriguing, historic passages would be a superb subject for a magazine story?

I'm on it.


  1. I love Paris in late Spring. Sure beats the low grey skies and frigid winds...
    Let's to go back then!

  2. Then and again and again! And again!