01 July 2012

Swiss Sweet Spot Tiki Discovered

I didn't expect to find a tiki up in the little forest above our house, but suddenly, there he was.

When Maïf was a little girl, she used to imagine little fairies living at the base of some of these same trees. I'm guessing the tiki wasn't here then.

I've been going up to this sweet little forest once a week for 16 weeks now, and will do so for a full year at least. As I've explained in earlier posts, this is a deep personal-discovery project upon which I have embarked, and which I am, of course, exploiting for a magazine story.

The same day last week that I met the tiki, I saw a deer, a black squirrel with pointy ears, a woodpecker with a red cap and pointy beak, an eagle, and a mountain biker who passed just a couple meters in front of me and didn't even see me sprawled on the rocks gnawing on a piece of bread.

I've come to admit that getting close to the fauna up here is my true goal for this project. Today was a good day.

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