23 August 2010

Festival Fever, Fotos

During the summer months, you can stand on the tippy-top of the Matterhorn or at the bottom of Lac Léman or anywhere else in Switzerland and throw a rock, and you will hit a festival, guaranteed. Various music festivals are devoted to rock, pop, hip-hop, techno, classico-moderne, jazz or traditional folk as you would expect, but there are also festivals celebrating wine, movies, food, cheese, medieval drinking and killing and even wrestling by men and cows (separately).

With my first summer in Switzerland drawing to a close, I am not proud to confess that I missed practically all of these wonderful festivals, mostly because tickets for many of them cost more than a week's groceries, and the wife and I are philosophically opposed to starving.

Medieval faire, Luzern
But some of these colorful festivals are actually free, or nearly so, taking place right on city squares where sometimes, surprised shoppers think they've accidentally joined the circus. And some pricey festivals have free events that freeloaders like moi can enjoy without first robbing the bank around the corner. So, herewith, a few snapshots. For free:

Buskers Festival, Neuchatel

Buskers Festival, Neuchatel
Medieval faire, Morges

Jazz festival, Montreux

Circus in the square, Neuchatel

Buskers Festival, Neuchatel

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