26 August 2010

The Veil Lifted

Till today
Summer has hidden the horizon
Fearing the beauty beyond
Would strike us dead.

What a way
To go!


  1. Bill, beautifull picture, I can't wait to see the view !!! Love your blog buddy!! Love to you and MF- Eddie

  2. It's better in person, Eddie. Come on! Hey guess who was here today -- Michael and Allen from Ottawa. They're on their way from the South of France to Spain -- small detour to our place and Genève. MF sends her bisoux. Can't wait to see you here.

  3. We are going to Spain for 2 weeks sometime next May. Hoping to come and spend a week in Switzerland after that. Travel for a couple for a couple of days, visit you guys, go up to Lauterbrunnen, visit Geneva. More info to come. Glad your settling in so well. Looking forward to winter? Love you guys- Ed

  4. Excellent, Eddie. Can't wait to show you guys around. We'll be in Italy from mid-June for a couple weeks, but it doesn't sound like that would be a time conflict with your schedule.

    As for winter, I've decided to be hopelessly optimistic about it. No doubt my smile will soon be frozen in place.