24 April 2014

The Swiss Even Vote for Fighter Planes

Princeton University analysts far smarter than you or I have recently reported that the United States is no longer a true democracy.
So what does a true democracy look like? Here in Switzerland, where its famous Direct Democracy is enshrined in citizens' minds even more rigidly than all the stone-jawed statues of Jean Calvin you find in the Protestant cantons, the concept is simple: one person, one vote. Wow.

Swiss citizens put less trust than Americans in their elected representatives to make decisions for them, so here in CH there are frequent initiatives upon which the citizenry votes directly. 

A current example: On May 18th, voting citizens will point thumbs up or down on which fighter plane the country should buy next -- or to not buy any fucking warplanes at all, danke, merci and grazie. 

Every citizen gets to vote on this. 

Can you imagine such people-power in the United States?

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