20 December 2012

Drink Up, Kids!

I'm just back from having a couple beers with a Neuchâtel buddy. We both had the special bière de Noël that is available in better bistros around Switzerland right now. It is usually dark and sweet and strong. I was totally sloshed after two of these bad boys.

My friend David and I met in Cardinal, my favorite old bistro in our town. It's my favorite not just because I spent an enchanting evening here 36 years ago with a girl who 32 years later would become my wife, but because ... well, OK, maybe that is the reason. Plus the Art Nouveau design.

While waiting for David to arrive, I noticed this sign, which you often see in cafés and grocery stores in Switzerland.
Americans will be amazed that 16-year-olds can legally drink wine and beer here. They would be even more amazed that they'd never see teenagers careening around town throwing up on their shoes.

But nevermind about all that. Cheers!

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