15 August 2012

Disappointed Swiss Olympic Committee Requests New Sports

The Swiss are not happy with their Olympic performance in the summer games. The team expected as many as seven medals, but received only four. Even World's Nicest Guy Roger Federer only got a silver, despite being able to play championship tennis in three languages.

In the wake of this disappointing medal count, the Swiss Olympic Committee has already submitted several new sports they want introduced to the 2016 summer games in Brazil:
  • 100-meter Fondue-Stirring Hurdles
  • Secret Bank Account Badminton
  • Freestyle Watch-Making Marathon
  • Swiss Army Knife Fencing
  • Chocolate-Covered Floor Exercise
  • Uneven Bars Yodeling
  • Crossbow-Apple Father/Son Team Archery
The International Olympic Committee has not yet responded officially, but a source close to the committee commented that "Anything is possible with the support of the Swiss franc."


  1. The Swiss Army Knife would have to be a triathalon involving fencing, cooking and building a ski shelter, wouldn't it? Very clever post.