07 April 2013

Hey Paris, Get Your Shit Together!

I fell in love with Paris about 5 minutes after I arrived the first time as a teenager in 1969. Since then I've visited the city numerous times, and lived there for seven months. Now that I live in western Switzerland, Paris is just over 3 hours away by train. I returned from my latest visit a few days ago.

I'm still smitten with Paris. Shockingly, my adoration remains unrequited.

Still smitten, yet less enchanted. On this trip, strolling the 8th and 9th arrondissements, sometimes it just felt like being in the non-descript part of a big West European city.

Less enchanted too because, even after all these years, dog walkers still leave Fifi's and Fido's (pronounced Feedo's) shit on the sidewalks. I once found this charming because of their reverse Marie-Antoinette "let them eat shit" attitude. And it seemed a rite of passage newcomers had to take -- coming home without stinky smudged shoes. Now it just seems tired, stupid and utterly devoid of respect for others.

See what living in Switzerland has done to me?


  1. Haha, Good, so Switzerland has made you a proper anti-crap samaritan! If the Frenchies learn how to pick up the shit, please have them share their secret with the Italians!!! There is crap all over Florence and even at the bottom of walk ways in the Alps, I can't take it anymore.

  2. Yeah, I hear ya. It's hard to stroll along, your head in the clouds when your shoes got goo.