28 May 2016

Food Truck Traffic

OK, now we know it's really definitely officially summer in Geneva.

The second annual Street Food Fest is just finishing up this weekend, a pop-up caravanserai of delicious street dishes from all over, including Japan, Venezuela, Mexico, Bulgaria, Palestine, India, Italy, Spain, Vietnam, Thailand, the U.K., the U.S., and even Switzerland (fresh perch -- the longest line we saw was at that truck!). Plus fresh juices, beer, wine and completely out-of-place techno music, which was at a blessedly low volume, so could be easily ignored.

Not to be ignored were the food trucks (and carts and wagons).

But we wouldn't come just to gawk at the cool trucks.

I tasted two dishes. My crispy-juicy, chicken tacos were made by DeliMex. Their truck pops up all around Geneva.

Then there was this wonderfully sloppy wonder from an Austrian truck, Fische Futter ("futter" means "fodder") -- salmon with salad and caramelized onions with a teriyaki honey mustard sauce on a black bun that I'd really not know too much about.

MF had Palestinian hummus from Hummus & Friends, and Bulgarian pastry from Poushe.

Then we waddled toward home through Old Town.

Where we spied one last marvelous "truck."



  2. Hummm, these PUSHE pastries were real sweet!