08 September 2014

The Natives of Plaka on Milos island, Greece.

During our explorations of Plaka on Milos island, we encountered a few of the natives.

Volumes shall be written about the charming, savvy street cats of Milos.

Artists Natalia and David of Kymbe Ceramics.

Dimitris and Manolis, son and father owners of Two Doors
taverna, where I had stewed goat and didn't regret it.

A habitué of the Archeological Museum.
The original donors of the the Plaka Folk Museum. He a harbor pilot, she a
housewife. Oddly, they had no children.

Co-propietor and expert tummy cooler at the Plaka Taverna.

Just an interesting manhole cover.


  1. Great series of photos, and the cat and dog are cute.

  2. Thanks Pele's Pal and Linda. Yeah, the manhole cover was like a mandala in the middle of the road. And the cats and dogs of Milos deserve a book of their own.