15 July 2014

The Castle Gates are Open

On the edge of Canton Vaud, halfway between history and legend, there lies a castle.

 Last weekend and next (19-20 July), le Chateau d’Aigle takes you back to a colorful, idealized vision of medieval life, complete with comely inviting wenches.

 Actually, these three beauties were beckoning the king to a bath. He had merely watched the clash of swords and pikes that had just occurred on the field below …

… but the king was nevertheless sweaty and odiferous, and in need of a refreshing bath.

 Some of the king’s subjects received less cordial treatment.

 Others continued with their daily labors, whether it was making metal, music or 

All the while, we modern-day time travelers could walk along those lanes that led between history and our imaginations.

But there is more than make-believe to the Chateau d’Aigle. Its earliest enclosure was built in the 12th century by the Savoyards ...

... and periodically enlarged. In 1475 the castle was taken by soldiers fighting for the Republic of Berne, and later further expanded.


Today, surrounded by vineyards of chasselas grapes...
... in the heart of the Chablais wine region, the chateau is home to an excellent museum of wine-making with exhibits ranging from interactive computer displays to historical artifacts.

 Entry to the wine museum is included with the Fête Médiévale ticket (Adults: CHF 15, kids: CHF 5; families CHF 35, students: CHF 12.)

Well worth it for such blessings from the past. 


  1. I love the way you told the story!

  2. Hi Maureen. Glad you liked the story. Hope you get to go to Aigle!